Maiju Ahlgrén  

Maiju Ahlgrén
Textile Artist
and Designer

050 - 5810303




Textile Artist

I design and produce wearable pieces for everyday use. Often their materials are upcycled or they are readily reusable.
My inspiration is in colors, folklore, self-made art and things that reveal people’s ability to get amused by small things.
Kiss kiss-art stockings have been my main product since 1997. Their basic idea is in the upcycling-culture, where a designer redefines industrial waste or surplus materials.
Kiss kiss-products are silk-printed. The patterns are endangered Finnish natural plants or old embroidery motifs, which have been collected in the area of Karelia. My idea to use these motifs is in lifting them up and in contributing to their existence.
I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in textile and visual arts at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland. Since then I have worked as an independent artist in Helsinki in my own studio.
Beside my work as an craft designer, I also work in the field of contemporary art. My high hope is to bring joy and beauty to peoples everyday life, whatever I do.