Marja Myllymäki  

Marja Myllymäki

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Hickory, Dickory Dock

My imagination and inspiration begins like a nursery rhyme, it then develops into concrete ideas and physical working with the clay. “Kissankello”  (Harebell; literal translation “Cat clock”) is of course a clock, on which sits, a big black tomcat.;  in” Munakello”  (Egg Timer; literal translation “Egg clock”) there is a small ticking clock under a big fat ostrich egg. My motifs usually portray people, animals, and plants. I do not work in series, but I might reuse the same motif on many different pieces.

Working by hand is a requirement of my well-being, almost a physical necessity. My main material is clay, but occasionally I use other raw materials such as aluminium and paper maché in my work. I am especially interested in the surface structure and workability of different types of materials. Just by varying the surface texture for example, the nature of the object completely changes.

The most important aspect of my work is the joy, which I hope it transmits.

My studio is an idyllic, old wooden house in the Tapanila district, Helsinki, where I also have my own Arts and Crafts gallery, Matara.

I studied at the Helsinki School of Art and Design from 1982-1988. I graduated with a Master of Science degree in 1984.