Sari Puhto  

Sari Puhto
Textile Artist, MA

+358(0)50 313 2000


Joyous, hand printed textiles

My works are inspired by colours, light, and warmth. I design and produce my Helleaalto (Heat wave) collection at my studio in Töölö, Helsinki. The collection includes various bags, accessories, and interior textiles. I love bright colours and appealing colour combinations.

My patterns are understated in the typical Scandinavian fashion, often two- or three-coloured. I print the cotton and linen fabrics by hand, and sew most of the products personally. I try to create a look, which is youthful and timelessly stylish. My aim is to make a product that is pleasing to the eye, and will brighten up your day.

I founded Studio Helleaalto after graduating from the Helsinki University School of Art and Design in 1999; I graduated as a textile artisan prior to that. My products are sold in several arts and craft shops around Finland. I have also designed printed patterns for the textile industry.

I have participated in several exhibitions with my one-of-a-kind pieces.

In recent years, I have become particularly interested in denim, as a material, which has been treated in different ways. I have been taking apart second-hand clothes, and reassembling them as wall textiles, for example. I also use more laborious techniques in my showpieces, such as appliqué and embroidery.